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Maize Cleaning Machine Vibrating Screen
KMEC is a professional manufacturer of grain cleaner especially s...
Maize Hulling Machine Maize Huller
Maize Hulling Machine is necessary in the maize processing indus...
Maize Milling Machine Roller Flour Mill
Manufacture advanced maize milling machine, with competitive pri...
Maize Grits Making Machine Maize Peeling & Grits Machine
Maize grits making machinery is important equipment in the field ...
  • Maize Cleaning Machine
  • Maize Hulling Machine
  • Maize Milling Machine
  • Maize Grits Making Machine
  • Customer Center
  • Guangzhou Canton Fair 2014 October
  • Supply quality multifunctional grain cleaner
  • Provide the detail information of maize huller
  • Professional knowledge of maize milling machine
  • Welcome to consult our maize grinding machine
  • Share our advanced technology & machinery on canton fair
  • Guangzhou Canton Fair 2013 October
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Henan Kingman Mechanical & Electrical Complete Plant Co., Ltd

How to Find Us:
TEL: 0086 372 5965149 (China)
FAX: 0086 372 5951936 (China)
PC: 455000
Street: 19F, Suite B, Global Trade Mansion, Wenfeng Avenue, Anyang, Henan, China

KMEC is famous maize milling machine supplier in China, having offices in both home and abroad. For more information of our machine, please contact us as soon as possible. Meanwhile your visit will be welcomed by all our staff.
Travel Guide to An Yang: An Yang sits in the northernmost of He Nan Province, next to China’s biggest traffic hub, Zheng Zhou City. You can easily find the train or airplane to An Yang or Zheng Zhou in the major metropolis. Zheng Zhou is also the nearest airport to AnYang. We will pick you up to our company.

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