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Maize Flour Machine Promotes Animal Husbandry

In the food industry, maize is recognized gold food, its nutritional value and health care function is the highest. Coarse grains such as maize processing for older people often eat waxy maize can reduce blood cholesterol content, prevent the happening of the heart disease and cancer. In view of the maize products market development, new maize flour machine in the production of maize can retain the nutrients and keep its delicious.

Waxy maize in the vitamin content is very high, 5 to 10 times that of rice, wheat. At the same time, maize flour machine keep the maize contains a lot of nutrition health care material and elements, also retains essential amino acids, vitamins and other nutrients. Maize’s trace element selenium content is 5 times of ordinary corn, can effectively suppress the side effects of anti-cancer drugs on the human body.

Maize flour machine has many benefits for maize processing production work, eat maize can fight aging eyes, stimulate the brain cells, enhance the person's intelligence and memory. Coarse fiber of maize can help the body to digest, control the occurrence of a variety of gastrointestinal diseases, which is the best green food of prolong life.

And now the application of maize flour machine in today's animal husbandry is very pivotal, maize occupies very important position, since currently about 65% of the world's maize is used as feed, it is the base for the development of animal husbandry. Especially the process of straw and by-product, maize deep processing machinery has made a great change, the use of maize flour machine on the side to promote the development of animal husbandry.

maize flour machine

  1. The by-products of feed produce by maize wet milling and dry milling, dextrin, sugar, starch, beer and other processing production. Maize germ and bran, grout, such as byproduct are also important to feed resources, which account for more than 5% of feed processing raw materials in the United States.
  2. Yellow maize kernels is a good feed, can be directly use as pigs, cattle, horses, chickens, geese and other livestock and poultry feed; With the development of maize flour machine industry, concentrated feed and compound feed is used widely.
  3. Maize straw can replace parts of maize grain as good feed, especially high energy feed for cattle. However, maize flour machine production of straw is less protein and calcium, supplement need to be added.
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