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Nutrition Benefits of Maize Flour

Maize is also called corn, a staple in north and south Americas, which is widely used in food ingredient, recipes and tortilla. It is acknowledged that maize is rich with nutrition and various kinds of nutrition. It is an important source of vitamin B1, B5, Vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants and etc. The milled maize flour remains the full nutrition of maize and makes it available for human consumption. Maize flour is not only a tasty component of snacks and other recipes, but also good to your body. Here we will talk about the benefits of maize flour.

Prevents and Cure Constipation maize flour

According to a report of maize meal nutrition, maize contains rich fiber, no starch, and fat, which make it converted carbohydrates that is easily to be digested by our body. A lot of fiber accelerates the gastrointestinal peristalsis to help digestion and defecation. It is good to prevent constipation.

Keep Full and Loss Weight

A special carbohydrate in maize meal gives you a full sense and burns much fat than you eat. It means that you will not get hunger and meanwhile, have no worry of getting weight. Janine Higggins, PhD of nutrition said carbohydrate avoids the liver from using carbohydrate as fuel and meanwhile, it burns the body fat more than you eat. Maize flour’s benefits of weight-losing are especially favored by girls.

Anti-Cancer and Hairdressing

Maize meal is said to be helpful to prevent cancer by a variety of anti-cancer factors such as Magesium, xanthophyli, and others. The anti-cancer factors can prevent the expansion of cancer cell. Furthermore, maize meal can also keep your skin smooth and prevent skin irritations.

Besides, maize flour also has a lot of benefits to keep healthy and longevity. Owing to the various types of maize meal and its recipes, you can enjoy its tasty without the worry of getting weight. Why not cook a delicious maize meal recipe by yourself?

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